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The New Blue Zoo

In the good land of Snizzle
was a town called Blue View.
Their best, favorite color
was a glorious blue.

They liked their blue houses,
and they liked their blue hats.
Some even talked about
getting blue cats.

The town was so special,
and they wanted a way
to show it to others
and hear them all say,
“We sure like it here,
and we wish we could stay.”

One day, the mayor
(that's Billy McCoo)
said, “I have a plan,
I know just what to do.

“We’ll all work together—
you and me too.
We’ll build a great, snastical,
fantastical zoo ...


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And so begins the charming tale of Blue View and their venture into creating the perfect showcase for their special town.  The New Blue Zoo will be populated with all the special little blue creatures that everyone loves.  All of them blue except the dweeker, of course.  But there is a problem; they are not sure how to select the main display ... the one which will pull everything all together.  Can they find the perfect centerpiece?  Will they discover it in time?

You can be sure that all will turn out just blue-tifully in this wonderful tale which will delight the young of any age.

The New Blue Zoo book includes instructions for an audio version download.

Written by William F. Powers, The New Blue Zoo is available directly from Tate Publishing in paper or eBook format.  The book is also available from:

The illustrator is Steven P. Smith, author of Seeker of Hearts, which is available now at www.SeekerOfHearts.com.

Author, William F. Powers has always enjoyed writing.  This is his first foray into children's literature but he is already working on several other stories.

Bill has been in broadcasting and electrical engineering.  He lives in southwestern Ohio with his wife.

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Reader comments:

"A lady that works at McDoanlds read your book to her 2 grandkids and they (as well as she) loves it.  I do think the book is making more than a few people smile………Great!!" - John P., Florence, Kentucky

"Its cool." - Doug (13), Maysville, Kentucky

"I received the book and enjoyed reading it myself.  It is a very sweet book to share with little ones." - Freda G., Cold Springs, Kentucky

"Cute book! Congratulations to both William and Steven!" - Jim M., Grenoble, France

"This is awesome!" - Tim B.,  Cincinnati, Ohio

"As I read the script for The New Blue Zoo, I became very excited about reading it to our grandchildren!  This is the kind of book our children would have included on their 'frequent read' list. Funny rhymes telling a nice story with charming pictures make for a reading experience that little ones will ask for again and again!" -  Debbie O.,  Loveland, Ohio

"Incredibly delightful; a book you can cuddle up to and enjoy with your favorite children." - Virginia R.,  Cincinnati, Ohio

"Wonderfully written and full of charm. A ringing endorsement came from my grandson who said to me upon completion of the story, 'READ IT AGAIN!' (... and I did!)" - Pete Sweemer, Retired Teacher,  Cincinnati, Ohio (from the back cover)